What are the side effects of gum chewing

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What are the side effects of gum chewing

None!! Indeed, the chewing gum helps the health of our mouth.

There are many urban legends that speak of chewing gum side effects: swollen belly, prepare the stomach to receive food, etc…
Instead we must recognize that the chewing gum eliminates up to one hundred million bacteria! Almost as effective as floss due to its elastic capacity, he is able to reach coves and hollows in our mouth, but attention must be sugar-free, otherwise bacteria may even proliferate.

It is wrong to talk about side effects of gum chewing because it gives valuable assistance to the health of our teeth. It would function as a brush, picking up germs from all corners of the mouth, similar to a sponge, trapping over one hundred million bacteria.
The oral health of our mouth is very important and chewing gum helps us to keep it healthy. It has been statistically proved that are decisive the first thirty seconds of chewing, when the number of collected bacteria is higher. Saliva and tongue cause the gum reaches all the meanders of the oral cavity.
So no need to fear the side effects of gum chewing! Eat the tires after meals making only careful that they are sugar-free.

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